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Information Technology — MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework



Hermann Hellwagner is a full professor of computer science at the Department of Information Technology (ITEC), University Klagenfurt, Austria. His current research areas are distributed multimedia systems, multimedia communications, and Internet QoS. Current projects are on digital video communication, a streaming protocol and a system supporting media adaptation, and multimedia bitstream description techniques within the MPEG-21 Digital Item Adaptation (DIA) standardization effort. He is the editor of several books and has published on parallel computer architecture and parallel programming and, more recently, on multimedia communications and adaptation. He has organized several international conferences and workshops.

Dr. Hellwagner is a member of the IEEE, GI (German Informatics Society) and OCG (Austrian Computer Society) as well as the head of the Austrian delegation to the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG – ISO/IEC JTC1/SC29/WG11).


Hermann Hellwagner

Christian Timmerer received the Dipl.-Ing. degree in Applied Informatics at University of Klagenfurt, Department of Information Technology (ITEC). He is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree at the same university in the field of multimedia adaptation.

He joined the University of Klagenfurt in 1999 and is currently a University Assistant and chairs the IT administration group of the Department of Information Technology. At the University, he has been working on coding-format agnostic resource adaptation within the MPEG-21 Multimedia Framework. Other research interests include the transport of multimedia content, multimedia adaptation in constrained and streaming environments, and distributed multimedia adaptation. He has been participating in the work of ISO/MPEG for several years, notably as the deputy head of the Austrian delegation, coordinator of several core experiments, co-chair of several ad-hoc groups, and as editor for Part 7 and 8 of MPEG-21, Digital Item Adaptation and Reference Software.


Christian Timmerer

Harald Kosch is an associate professor at the University of Klagenfurt. His domains of interest are distributed information systems, inlcuding researach in DBMS, multimedia database technologies, web databases, middleware, and Internet applications. He started research at the École Normale Supèrieure in 1993 during postgraduate study and entered the Ph.D. program in 1994, obtaining his Ph.D. degree in June 1997 and his habilitation degree in June 2002 (University Klagenfurt). He actively participates in the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) in MPEG-7 and MPEG-21 standardization and is involved in several international research projects in the domain of distributed information systems.


Harald Kosch

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